A downloadable game

Music Maze is a Google Cardboard game. Player is requested to find all the Crystals in the maze through locating them by listening to the background music.

The first stage of the game is showing the basic mechanics. Player is encouraged to rely on what he/she hear instead of visual clues while finding the first four Crystals.

The second stage introduces the fake walls. Player has to trust what his/her ears and goes through the fake walls.

The last stage introduces the fake Crystals. Player needs to find the real Crystal among more and more counterfeits.


BGM: BlindScape Theme (https://itunes.apple.com/album...)

Thesis Advisor: Justin C. Rounds

Install instructions

Headphone/earphone is required.

iOS build, Mac build and Windows build are included.


Music Maze iOS build_Wenjun.zip 296 MB
Music Maze Mac build_Wenjun.app.zip 19 MB
Music Maze Windows build_Wenjun.exe 17 MB